Do I own my digital files and can I use them online and in print?

We own the original copyright of the images we create, however, we will transfer all rights to reproduction in perpetuity to you for unlimited use in print or online.

Are my photos delivered in high resolution format?

Yes, your digital files will be delivered in high resolution format, perfect for print or the web, however, should you need images for a bill board or larger, please let us know and we will adjust our delivery size.

What is the Editing?

We use a standard style of editing on our images because want to show the world your best version of your natural self. We edit for color correction, tone, and clarity. Don't worry.... If you have a pimple, we will edit it away. :-) At this time, we do not offer advanced make-up, skin smoothing, etc. style of editing.

What happens during the client review session?

Our photographer will make sure that you have a good diverse option of poses to choose from. During this time you will select 2 images depending on your session choice. Most clients can expect 10-15 different poses/ styles of headshots to choose from.

What are the different styles of headshots?

When you think of styles.... Think different angles. Our photographer will take images that range from waist high to head only during your session. That way you have actual options to choose from during your client review session.

How are my pictures delivered?

All images will be uploaded within 2 business days. Rush requests are subject to our editors schedule, contact us before scheduling at inquires@downtownstlheadshots.com, if you require a 24hr or less turnaround. We are happy to work to accommodate you if we have the availability.

Your images will expire 1 week from delivery.